Three65 Underwear has been established to dissolve the shabby and rundown underwear in males’ drawers.

Our founder, William Strange (left), one morning was looking for underwear in his top drawer. Will could only find old pairs, shabby pairs, stretched and holey pairs (not in the good way).

Will did not want to venture off his daily routine in search for new underwear nor did he want to pay the inflated price tag of around $25.00 per pair. This led Will to founding a business that would change the service in the underwear industry to the everyday male. Together with Edward Vine, James Ding and Hawthorn Football Star Cyril Rioli (pictured below), we formed a business servicing underwear everyday of the year, Three65 Underwear.

The laborious task to find new underwear at the right price is what no man wants to do. The ability to have a subscription-based business that allows its customers the ability to have a constant inflow of both socks and jocks without the price tag is what we believe men want.

We believe men are sick of their old underwear and this revolution allows men to be serviced in this department with no change in their day to day lives, except now they have more money and more time to play. Three65 Underwear will have special subscription packages tailored to your needs and desires, sent to you every 3 months until you no longer want them. This allows a constant turnover of your old underwear to keep that top drawer looking fresh and smelling new.

Three65 have the ability to keep their prices low because we are cutting out the middleman, the agent to sell. We also do not have huge advertising fees as we are targeting you via word of mouth. We believe that when people are onto a good thing, they will spread the word and help their friends and family out. When people buy our product, they will want to tell.

So join the Three65 Revolution and tell your friends and family to allow an Australian based business take over the world.